Some Of Our Most Impressive Contracts

  • Janitorial
    • Bryan County Department of Human Services
    • Bryan County Fair Board
    • Gabbart Communications
    • Oklahoma Works (OESC)
    • Western Meadows Baptist Church
    • Southeastern Electric Cooperative
  • Statewide contract SW001/4975 – Crib/Playpen
  • Statewide contract SW001 – Wet/Dust Mops
  • Statewide contract SW022/SW3206 – Pencils/Correction Fluid
  • Statewide contract SW203 – Incontinent Briefs
  • DDS and DDS Waiver service provider
  • Concordance HS/Domtar
  • Algoma Mop Manufacturers
  • Dollar Tree Distribution Center
  • OKHCA – We are the sole provider of incontinent supplies for individuals between the ages of 4-20.  This is covered under Sooner Care Title XIX benefits
  • Oklahoma State Use Program – We provide all state entities with incontinent briefs, office supplies, wet mops and dust mops