Comfees Briefs


Nobody knows better than moms, so we asked moms what’s most important when choosing a diaper for their baby.

Absorbency & Leakage Protection • Skin Health • Diaper Fit • Comfort • Great Design

Comfees® Premium Baby Diapers hit the mark — providing great performance (equaling or exceeding the national brands), high quality materials, design appeal and the Total Fit SystemTM for ultimate comfort and leakage protection.

Comfees® Premium Baby Diapers

  • Comfees® Total Fit System™ provides ultimate comfort and leakage protection.
  • Comfees® Premium Baby Diapers, with an ultra-absorbent core, lock away wetness to provide up to 12 hours of DriNite® protection.
  • The unique SoftFlex waistband, patented Stretch Fasteners, and ultra-contoured shape are designed to move with baby to ensure a comfortable, snug, and secure Comfees(R) fit.
  • Comfees(R) soft hypoallergenic liner, soft outer cover, and perfume and latex free design protect and promote the health of baby’s delicate skin.
  • Comfees(R) diapers have a fun, colorful design with size and wetness indicators.

Comfees® Premium Training Pants

  • Comfees(R) Premium Training Pants have everything you need for the potty training stage.
  • The soft stretchable sides feel like real underwear to help your child easily pull them on and off.
  • For quick removal needs, Comfees(R) Training Pants sides are also easy to tear.
  • The boy and girl training pants have fun designs your toddler will love and a wetness indicator that fades when wet to help with the training process.

Comfees® DriNite Junior Youth Pants

  •  Used for both boys and girls, DriNite Juniors®
    Youth Pants fit and feel like underwear with a colored thread to easily identify the back of pants.
  •  The stretch-fit waist, Super-Dry Core and Side Leak Barriers help lock in wetness to keep your child comfortable and dry.
  • DriNite Juniors® are also designed with tear-away sides to allow for quick, easy removal when needed.
  • DriNite Juniors® come in an outer box designed for discreet shipping and delivery.