About Us

About Us

Our Mission

People First Industries of Bryan County, Inc is an agency whose mission is to secure or furnish life incentives and gainful employment to employable citizens of the county not presently in the workforce because of mental and/or physical disabilities.  Learn More

The agency is committed:

  1. To respect the theory of normalization by aiding and assisting each individual to attain his/her highest potential.

  2. To provide a true work environment with the least amount of restriction or intrusion required by individual needs.

  3. To assure age appropriateness in all aspects of service.

  4. To utilize the interdisciplinary team approach to provision of services to clients and their families

  5. To develop an individual program plan for each client.

  6. To strive for the achievement and protection of the rights of all individuals with developmental disabilities.

  7. To strive for excellence in its provision of services.

  8. To serve the citizens of Bryan County not presently in the work force because of a disability recognized by the Department of Labor.

  9. To provide vocational training, placement, if possible, or extended employment, basic skills training as needed, referral services and counseling.

  10. To cooperate with all community agencies, in sharing information, making services available according to needs, referral services provided, and services available to the general public (generic) will be utilized whenever possible.

  11. To utilize the family as a working partner whenever possible in the development of programs for the social, emotional, and cognitive progress of its family member, recognizing that individual and cultural differences, needs and values exist, and being sensitive to the critical periods of stress during the life span of an individual with disabilities.